Desexing your pet

Sterilisation, also known as desexing, neutering, spaying and castration is provided at the clinic for dogs, cats and other pets. All sterilisation procedures are performed under general anaesthesia with appropriate analgesia to ensure that your pets are pain-free.

Laparoscopic spay surgeries are also performed in the clinic. Keyhole surgeries are much less painful for your Furkids as the incisions are smaller than traditional spay surgeries.

Benefits of sterilisation include population control, lowering the risks of contracting mammary cancer and more behavioural “acceptability”.

For more information, please consult one of our veterinarians or technicians.

Benefits to Desexing Your Pet

  • Preventing unwanted litters
  • Stopping the “heat” cycle in females
  • Reduction of cancers and tumors
  • Reduced aggression, especially in male pets
  • Pets are less prone to wander